Fütchi Perf by Kevin Czap

Fütchi Perf

80 pages / 6″ x 9″ / 2 color / softcover, perfect bound / ISBN 9781941250211 / Published by Uncivilized Books / 2017

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Fütchi Perf is an album of speculative vignettes set against the shared backdrop of a better, happier Cleveland, OH.

What if the future began at a small, queer, punk music show in the basement of a Cleveland, Ohio house? Romantic friendships, über-chic culture, magical solutions, kid think-tanks, and more. Fütchi Perf (fyoo-CHee-purf) might not depict a perfect future, but its slice-of-life vignettes, drawn in a glorious, kaleidoscopic two-color palette, visualize a Utopian dream that seems almost real, but perpetually out of reach.

Czap’s feminist text and drawings make you question all parameters of how we think about bodies, time, control, and agency, while at the same time finding total meaning in every intentional experience and thing you have tried, loved, failed at, or dreamt about.

Victoria Ruiz, Downtown Boys, Malportado Kids