Old News

CCS Fellow ’17–’18

I’m currently living inn White River Junction as the Fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Very excited to work on new projects!

Dance Dykes / Dyke Night

I got to do some dance animations for Dyke Night at Aurora on March 11, 2017. Above is a video of DJ Gooby spinning ABRA's "Roses" with the animation projected on the wall.

Thanks so much to Rachel, DJ wacklikethat, DJ Gooby, DJ Hannah Z, O, and everyone who came out!

CXC ’16 Emerging Talent Award

I was surprised at this year’s CXC with the Emerging Talent Award, recognizing a creator for their work, ambition, and contribution to the comics community at large. Thank you so much to Jeff Smith, Vijaya Iyer, Caitlin McGurk, Tom Spurgeon, everyone involved in CXC and everyone else who’s advocated for me and Czap Books over the years. ♥♥♥

Rise of Czap Books

Kickstarter Success

We successfully raised $26,625 for our 2017 Collection — new books by Jessi Zabarsky, Kelly Kwang, and Liz Suburbia!

The Rise of Czap Books Kickstarter