Kevin Czap
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Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising, etc. Available for work, speaking engagements, friendshipkevinczap at gmail.

Kevin Czap

Kevin Czap

Cartoonist, Publisher, Designer

Kevin Czap (pronounced “chap”) is a cartoonist based in Providence, RI. Since studying visual and contemporary art in college, they’ve also been a designer, teacher, blogger, editor, convention organizer, and publisher.

They run the micro-press Czap Books (voted “Most Remarkable Micro-Press” of 2015), publishing comics celebrating the poetic, personal, and weird. Czap Books has put out work by Laura Knetzger, Jessi Zabarsky, Puiupo, Rory Frances, Liz Suburbia, Kelly Kwang, in addition to co-publishing the art-inspired, Ignatz-nominated series Ley Lines with Grindstone Comics. Endearingly referred to as “Comics Mom,” Czap received the CXC Emerging Talent Award in 2016 for their work and involvement in the comics community. They were the Cartooning Fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Kevin is a self-identified formalist invested in making comics that combine cartooning, songwriting, design, and other forms in order to translate a personal, emotional meaning. Besides comics, they love karaoke, the WNBA, and Project Runway. A Taurus sun, Sagittarius moon, Leo rising who believes in the radical power of friendship.

Their comic Fütchi Perf is available now from Uncivilized Books.

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I’m also a print and web designer — I design all the Czap Books releases and work with L. Nichols as one half of Studio Skep. I built with a mix of semantic HTML5, SASS, a little PHP, and JQuery built on the Foundation framework.

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