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Four Years pt. 1 - Kevin Czap
Fütchi Perf - August 2015

Fütchi Perf

A comics album dreaming of a more better future — full of tightly-knit romantic friendships, life-changing basement shows, uber-chic cultural tastemakers and magical solutions to real problems.

Brand new, offset edition! Published by Uncivilized Books.

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The Letting Go

New comic available now!

"The body practicing having never been drowned."

Inspired by the work of Bas Jan Ader (1942–1975), this installment of the Ley Lines series embraces vulnerability and all that may entail.

Ley Lines: The Letting Go
The New Cast on Hazlitt

The New Cast

New comic on Hazlitt

The new cast is looking forward to joining the beloved established scene, but there's a twist…

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